Why eShopbox?
How can you stay competitive and ensure stellar shopping experiences for your customers? It’s simple: Partner with Eshopbox for intelligent eCommerce and fulfillment solutions.
5 reasons why you should outsource your eCommerce operations to Eshopbox?
Focus on your core competencies
  • Without eShopbox
    Do you want to spend countless hours of your business day managing product information feeds, packing orders, reconciling payments, etc.? Even if you happen to have a small yet exceptionally talented and efficient team on your side to manage all this, it's the other skills you bring to the table that makes your business unique. Won't it make sense to focus all your creative energy in growing business and developing great products?
  • With eShopbox
    Outsourcing your daily eCommerce operations to Eshopbox will allow you to focus your time and energy in growing your business. The time you save can now be focused on sales, product sourcing, online marketing and growth strategy. You can accelerate your business growth and success by investing in the areas of your company that offers the greatest competitive advantage.
Reduce operating costs
  • Without eShopbox
    When you manage your daily eCommerce activities on your own, as your business grows, so too will your staff. No matter how efficient and hardworking they are, managing employees still costs time and money. Your operating costs will remain fixed even during a business slow-down. Do note that your monthly orders will fluctuate but your resource and infra spend will remain fixed.
  • With eShopbox
    The cost advantage of working with Eshopbox is that you won't have fixed operating overheads. The expense you incur is directly proportionate to activities we perform. And as your order volume increases, our fees decreases. Let Eshopbox worry about secure warehouse space, finding quality fulfillment staff, deploying new technology to top industry standards.
Scale on demand
  • Without eShopbox
    As your business grows, you will have to hire and train more employees, build out additional warehouse space and spend funds on other infrastructure. What if the increase in sales doesn't last? It would be really difficult to adjust business needs without the risk of falling into higher expense and management trap. Shouldn't you be in a position to grow your business without the fear of negatively impacting your customers' experience?
  • With eShopbox
    Eshopbox is prepared to handle seasonal business fluctuations i.e. high order peek volumes to a definitive slow down of orders. We are prepared to manage a temporary or permanent increase or decrease in sales since we have invested in significant operating scale to accommodate planned and unexpected shopping peaks and growth needs. In our volatile economy, this on-demand scalability is imperative to risk-free growth.
Gain access to specialized expertise
  • Without eShopbox
    You need a fully optimized order management system, complete IT infrastructure, warehousing and inventory management, back office program management, order fulfillment, and a broad range of e-marketing services. You could build facilities, buy equipment, and hire and train IT specialists and a warehouse full of people, or you could outsource to a company that provides all these people already seasoned with many years of hard-won experience.
  • With eShopbox
    The number one reason why companies choose to outsource their eCommerce to Eshopbox is to eliminate their learning curve and gain access to intelligent commerce and fulfillment capabilities. Launching or expanding your eCommerce operation is a complex process that requires extensive investments in technology, methodologies and people. Eshopbox has the technology, services and solution in place to run your eCommerce initiative efficiently.
Drive your business with valuable insights
  • Without eShopbox
    Your eCommerce business will generate scores of business data. You will have generation of product, customers, orders and inventory data, how do you manage it in one place? Do you want to spend hours wanting to make sense of it on various spreadsheets or a single unified dashboard to help you make better decisions?
  • With eShopbox
    Experience the power of predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive analytics to help you make smart business decisions. Our pre-integrated analytics solution simplifies data management and enables you to utilize data and act knowledgeably.
General Concerns Answered
  • Is my stock safe?
    Your stock is stored in highly secure facilities. All your inventory is insured and we guarantee a 99.5% upkeep. We will do all the work of receiving, storing, and managing your products, and will provide easy access for tracking your current stock levels. Our state of the art inventory technology, automated processes, streamlined pick and pack methods, and advanced receiving and return procedures ensure accurate and efficient order fulfillment processing.
  • Don't we lose visibility and control of the business?
    Outsourcing to Eshopbox does not mean giving up control or ownership of your eCommerce business. We are like your own eCommerce arm. Our client access portal offers full visibility into your back office warehousing, order fulfillment operations, catalog statuses etc. You get regular on-time updates on channel policies, new point-of-sale launches, marketing campaigns and other growth initiatives. Infact, you gain access to our strong 3rd party network of service providers to help your grow your business rapidly.
  • How do I ensure high levels of quality and customer service are being delivered?
    We have a rigorous service level adherence which ensures that your eCommerce performance is above industry average standards. Furthermore, we have sophisticated platforms that consolidate information related to orders, catalogs, inventory, and customer activities in one place so you can view, down load, and analyze real-time data 24/7. This up-to-the-minute visibility ensures that your orders are being processed in a timely manner and that excellent levels of customer service are being delivered.
  • Why should I outsource if I already have a warehouse(s) and staff in place?
    Ecommerce fulfillment requires more than a physical building—it requires that you have sophisticated systems and operational processes in place that can efficiently handle a high velocity of orders. We spend all of our time to optimize eCommerce which enables us to stay more current, work more rapidly, know the best ways to do things, have the best equipment, and provide better performance, at a lower price and within a shorter timeframe. In addition, with Eshopbox you have access to a network of multiple warehouses, giving you the flexibility to add more warehouse space as you grow.